When Natixis Investment Managers called the digital team in to help them launch a campaign around risk, it was clear that they really wanted to make a splash. They asked for something which would capture the attention of the market and help the business to clearly position its approach to investments.

Immersive video at the centre

Natixis agreed to do something which has not ever been done before within the industry. A high impact 360-degree/immersive video was created as the centrepiece of the campaign. The purpose of the video was to get people’s attention and focus them on core, high-level themes around risk so that they would then look at the rest of the campaign. You can watch the 360-degree video below.

The video itself was shot using the latest 360-degree ultra-high-resolution technology by a team of professionals from FinPix with a track record in 360-degree videos. This emerging technology offers real advantages in terms of driving increased engagement and at the same time, there are significant technical hurdles which the production team needs to navigate. The video itself was shot over two key shoots – The first being in the European Alps, where the mountain climbing scenes were shot, and the second being in central London where all of the other scenes were shot. Graphic overlays were then edited in to ensure that no matter where the viewer is looking there is always something to focus on and an indication of where to find the right information.

Campaign platform

While the 360-degree video was the centrepiece of the campaign, the bulk of the campaign information sits on a campaign platform or microsite which houses dozens of videos categorised around key topics focussing on risk. This has been set up to enable viewers who are drawn in by the distribution campaign and immersive video to then look at deeper content which is relevant to them, find it fast, and consume it at their own pace.

A full distribution package

Completing the circle of this innovative campaign, Last Word developed a full distribution package comprising branding via digital ads across various publications and an email and social distribution plan to dovetail with the client’s own activities.

In all, this fully integrated and highly innovative campaign spanning; 360-degree video, a campaign microsite platform, multiple video assets, detailed written content, and a distribution package gave Natixis Investment Managers the boost it needed to reach more of its target audience in the UK.